Bond Hall Auditorium
Thursday, 29 February, 1996
  1. Professor John Carter, Chair of the Faculty Council, called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM.

  2. BGEN Poole discussed a number of items, including:
    - Following a recent AACSB visit to The Citadel, the Business Administration Dept. has been recommended for accreditation. The department will be the first department accredited in North America, upon final approval.

    - The instrument for the student evaluation of teaching must be evaluated this year.

    - In response to recent publicity, BGEN Poole noted that attrition at The Citadel was the second lowest rate of attrition in SC for freshmen. There have been some increased problems at the upper class levels. A strong effort is being made to address the problem. For example, the President has approved an expenditure of $15,000 from the Reserve Fund to hire an off-campus expert. A change is currently being made in the admissions office from a service to a management concept.

    - Nine of the 13 SACS recommendations are still being addressed. Several of these areas are related to the library; he is committed to getting the library where it needs to be. The assessment process is another area that needs support.

    - Recent articles concerning The Citadel appearing in the local newspaper were discussed.

  3. Faculty Manual
    Professor John Carter noted that the Faculty Council (FC) had worked hard on the recommended changes to the Faculty Manual. One more meeting will be needed to complete the process before being forwarded to the Academic Board. Professor Carter will make a presentation to Academic Board on 12 Mar.

  4. Strategic Planning
    Professor Mailloux reported that a couple of weeks ago he and BGEN Poole met with the Education Liaison subcommittee of the Board of Visitors (BOV) and presented the Strategic Plan. Following input by the subcommittee, it recommended that the BOV accept the Strategic Plan with minor changes. The recommendation was approved by the BOV.

    The Plan is now ready to be implemented. A printed copy will be ready by summer. A computer version will be provided to departments and administrators in a couple of weeks.

    In the first stage of the process, all recommendations have a Vice-President (VP) who is responsible for that recommendation. VPs must submit plans as to how they will approach implementing the recommendation. These plans will be forwarded to a subcommittee of Strategic Planning, consisting of COL Metts, the chair of the Faculty Council, the Chair of Strategic Planning, a member from the Academic Board, and another faculty member.

    The first "due date" will be Aug 96, although a few items are already being implemented. One of these is linking planning with budgeting. A Budget Committee has already been approved by the President. The committee consists of COL Metts, Sheila Foster (selected by FC), Steve Comer (from the Academic Board), Jim Leonard (from the Graduate Council), Peter Mailloux (from Strategic Planning), COL Lackey, COL Langsdorf, LTC Earhart, LTC Cathcart (non-voting), and Lori Woods (non-voting). Other items in progress are a review of the core curriculum and a study of faculty wearing the uniform.

  5. Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee
    Professor Greim reported that the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee has been studying the tenure and promotion process since fall. The study is almost complete. A few items are still being considered, including the appeals process. When the study has been completed, recommendations will be forwarded to FC.

  6. Core Curriculum Study
    Professor Holbein gave a short history of the Core Curriculum process at The Citadel. The study began in 1981 and led to the establishment of the Core Curriculum in the late 1980s. There has not been a review of the Core Curriculum in seven years.

    Under the current standing committee structure, the Core Curriculum is the responsibility of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee (CIC), subject to review and approval of the Academic Board. After considering how to conduct the review of the Core Curriculum, the original recommendation (since the study was expected to be a two year, intensive effort) was to establish a small joint committee composed of members of the Academic Board and the Curriculum Committee. Later, it was decided that two additional faculty members would be appointed to the committee to review the Core Curriculum. However, the recommendation of Faculty Council was that the Core Curriculum Study be done by the CIC. At this point it appears that the CIC will be assigned the task of reviewing the Core Curriculum. The first year will be a working year with monthly meetings devoted to the review. Recommendations are expected to be forwarded to the Academic Board by Spring 1998. Departments should consider which faculty members should be working on the CIC during the review.

  7. Professional Discrimination.
    Professor Barrett explained that FC had been requested to examine reports that discrimination to Citadel faculty may have occurred in grants, journal articles, professional meetings, etc. as a result of ongoing litigation. A survey was developed by a subcommittee of FC and distributed. The subcommittee received 81 surveys, representing a 43 percent return. A copy of the report will be made available in the near future.

  8. Uniform Study
    Professor McRae, who chaired a subcommittee of FC to conduct a survey of Citadel faculty wearing a uniform, reported that a survey instrument had been distributed to faculty, administrators, the BOV, and a approximately 400 cadets. The survey was conducted in response to the Self Study and SACS reviews. Responses from surveys returned are currently being compiled and a report will be ready about 1 April.

  9. Grading System Study
    Professor Hutchisson reported that he was currently chairing a study of the grading system by FC. The study will consider a number of grading systems, including the "forgivable F," the "A-B-C-U," "+/- grades," etc. Peer institutions, including other military schools will be studied. Secondly, a review of current literature on grading systems and rationales will be made. Finally, a history of the grading issue at The Citadel will be studied. Conclusions are expected by the end of the Spring '96 semester. If anyone has input to this study, please contact Jim Hutchisson.

  10. Questions
    Peter Mailloux expressed his feeling that an ad hoc committee would be able to handle the core curriculum review workload better than a standing committee. He suggested sending any thoughts to John Carter, chair of FC, or to BGEN Poole. BGEN Poole stated that he wanted the work done in the most efficient, effective manner and was not locked into any one way of accomplishing it. A few other faculty spoke in favor of reconsidering whether CIC should accomplish the review.

    Woody Holbein announced a Writing Across the Curriculum Conference on 11-12 April, 1996. Citadel alumni speakers should be excellent. Everyone is invited.

    Professor Greim was asked to clarify the suggested timetable for Promotion and Tenure for new faculty. New faculty can opt for the longer time period if advantageous.

    Peter Mailloux was asked who is responsible for oversight and assessment. He replied that the responsible VP must submit a plan for this early in the process.

    Professor Fallon announced a Communication Across the Curriculum Luncheon on 14 March concerning effective teaching.