GENERAL FACULTY MEETING Bond Hall Auditorium Wednesday, 1 May, 1996

1. BGEN Poole recognized Professor Jim Whitney, who was appointed professor emeritus upon retiring. A wooden Citadel armchair was given to Professor Whitney as a token of appreciation. BGEN Poole also recognized Professors Todd Baker and Oliver Bowman, who were also retiring.

2. On behalf of The Citadel faculty, Professors Carter and Tucker presented a resolution to GEN Watts expressing gratitude in recognition of his accomplishments as president (a copy of the resolution is attached). GEN Watts is planning to step down as president at the end of the summer.

3. GEN Watts thanked the faculty for the resolution and commented on the highlights of his tenure as president of The Citadel. He specifically mentioned the goals and vision expressed in his inaugural address and his accomplishments in meeting many of those goals. In closing, he said that he was leaving with fondness for the faculty and good memories of The Citadel.

4. Committees for 1996-97

      In response to a question about the core curriculum review committee, Professor Carter replied that efforts were still being made to come up with the best possible committee. Plans are to have a committee of nine members (five from the curriculum and instruction committee, two representing Faculty Council, and two representing the Academic Board). Other committee assignments have been approved and the list will be distributed soon. Professor Carter expressed appreciation to Professors Coussons and Francel and the rest of the Committee on Committees members for their hard work in putting the committees together for 1996-97.

5. Strategic Planning Committee

      Professor Mailloux reported that links between vice presidents and the plans to be implemented would be studied. In addition, bodies to carry out the implementation would be identified.

6. Reports from Standing Committees

     Professor Carter briefly mentioned the work that the various standing committees accomplished during 1995-96.

	Committee				Chair of Committee

	Campus Affairs				LTC Dion
	Community Relations			CPT Bahk
	Computer Services			CPT Thompson
	Curriculum and Instruction		COL Holbein
	Employment				COL Hoyle
	Faculty Development			LTC Sheilds
	Internal College Relations		MAJ Kindel
	Library Services			COL Cleaver
	Research				CPT Chen
	Sabbaticals				COL Moreland
	Scholarships/Student Awards		COL Barrett
	Faculty Tenure and Promotion		LTC Greim
	Undergraduate Admissions		MAJ Trautman

7. Board of Visitors Meetings

     Professor Carter reported that the Board of Visitors puts in a lot of hard work during the year, accomplishing much of its work in committees.

8. Presidential Search Committee

     Professor Carter, the faculty representative on the Presidential Search Committee, reported that the Presidential Search Committee had met once. The committee is planning to conduct an international search. A consulting firm has been contracted to help identify potential candidates. Confidentiality will be maintained during the search. Professor Tucker is the alternate faculty member of the committee.

9. Report from the VPAA: BGEN Poole

     BGEN Poole stressed the importance of faculty governance. He said that the three individuals who had served as Chair of Faculty Council during his tenure had done an excellent job. He commended Professor John Carter for his work as Chair of Faculty Council during the past year.

      BGEN Poole said that in spite of recent publicity regarding doing away with tenure, this does not appear to be something that will happen in the near future. However, he pointed out that there may be some changes; for example, post-tenure reviews may be conducted in the future. If the abolishment of tenure becomes a serious issue, he said that he will inform the faculty.

      With regard to the future duties and salary of the President, BGEN Poole said that the details were still being worked out. GEN Watts will still represent The Citadel on the NCAA. GEN Watts may have an office on campus away from Bond Hall.

      BGEN Poole emphasized that it had been a good year. As an example, he mentioned the Writers Conference and thanked Woody Holbein for his part in putting on the conference.

      He provided the dates for events for the next few months, including

	CGPS Graduation			Wed., May 8, 8:00 PM
	Baccalaureate Services		Thur., May 9, 7:30 PM
	Commencement Ceremonies		Sat., May 11, 9:30 AM
	Faculty Return to Campus	Tue., Aug 27
	New Faculty Orientation		Tue., Aug 27
	Faculty Colloquy		Fri., Aug 30
	Opening Convocation		Tue., Sept 3

      Info 2000 has stalled a little: the Board of Visitors did not want to place a burden on incoming freshmen and had been tough on tuition increases. However, it is still a goal for all students to have computers. BGEN Poole expected about 1/3 of freshmen to have computers next year. Plans are to wire all rooms in the barracks for electronic access by the beginning of next year. A $25.00 computer hook-up fee will be assessed next year. The funds generated will be used to hire someone in ITS to support computers.

10. Questions for BGEN Poole

      Is there any way to keep ITS personnel? Ans... People who have been hired have worked hard and become proficient. They have been hired away because they have a market value off campus.

      What is the time frame for the search for a new president? Ans... The search will continue until the position is filled; however, the Board of Visitors thinks the position will be filled by approximately 15 August.

      Are we going to entertain applications from women? Ans... Yes. The Board of Visitors discussed this and decided to use the male pronoun in announcements to represent all persons.

      Are there both men and women on the committee? Ans... There are no women on the committee.

      Will faculty be involved in interviewing the top candidates? Ans... Yes, John Carter and Ted Tucker will represent the faculty in the interviewing process. There may be some occasions where candidates may meet department heads, etc.

      The legislature seems interested in performance-based budgeting. Will this affect us? Ans... BGEN Poole will keep the faculty informed. The Citadel is ahead on its graduation rate; it will be hard to improve.

      Will the faculty receive a salary increase this year? Ans... BGEN Poole said that he had heard that a 3.4 percent increase would occur in October of 1996.

11. Adjournment




      WHEREAS, Lieutenant General Claudius E. Watts, III (Retired) accepted the office of President of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, in August of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Nine, after serving the United States with great honor and distinction, having attained the rank of Lieutenant General as the Comptroller of the United States Air Force;

      AND WHEREAS, General Watts arrival was greeted with the full force and savagery of one of the most devastating storms in South Carolina history, Hurricane Hugo, and whereas he led The Citadel through that crisis to achieve new heights of collegiate success;

      AND WHEREAS, under the seven years of General Watts tenure of office, The Citadel has achieved significant administrative and academic progress, as evidenced by the reaffirmation by the SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), the continued academic recognition of The Citadel in the annual studies of U. S. News and World Report, the conduct and completion of a remarkably useful Strategic Plan, endorsed and adopted by The Citadel Board of Visitors, and recently the accreditation earned for the Department of Business Administration through the AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business);

      AND WHEREAS, in times of financial hardship and declining support for higher education, General Watts has steadfastly and resolutely supported the aims and goals of the Corps of Cadets, the faculty, and the staff in making sure that all vital programs have been adequately budgeted;

      AND WHEREAS, General Watts has also vigorously supported the technological enhancement of the college, especially in the use of computers and information technology;

      AND WHEREAS, General Watts has spearheaded the development of numerous construction programs and the amplification of physical plant on this campus;

      AND WHEREAS, General Watts has maintained a sense of dignity, firmness, and integrity in facing the many challenges raised against single-gender education at The Citadel during an extended period of litigation and the international debate created by the media;

      AND WHEREAS, General Watts has proven himself to be a model of optimism and inspirational leadership for the entire Citadel family;

      BE IT RESOLVED THEREFORE, on this first day of May, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Six, that the faculty of The Citadel expresses its sincere gratitude in recognition for the manifold important accomplishments of General Watts;

      AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT we, the combined faculty of The Citadel, offer to General Watts, and his wife Jane, our very best and heartfelt wishes for their health, wealth, and happiness through many years of well-earned retirement.