FACULTY COLOQUY Friday, 30 August, 1996
  1. Welcome and Remarks by BGEN Poole
    BGEN Poole welcomed the faculty and proclaimed the coming year a "year of challenge." Because of the changing nature of the institution, he asked the faculty to help make changes smoothly and effectively. The year will also be a historic one, as the Class of 2000 enters its freshman year. This class will later be training future classes going into the twenty-first century. He also discussed the decision by the Board of Visitors (BOV) to admit and recruit women students, and about the progress of the four women students currently at The Citadel.

    The search for the next Citadel president is still in progress. BGEN Poole estimated that in the best possible case, a new president would be in place by homecoming. In the worst case the date may be the beginning of next semester. The committee hopes to complete interviews and have a short list by the September BOV meeting.

    BGEN Poole discussed the events following the court case over the summer and the assimilation plan. He pointed out that the assimilation plan is on the VAX and invited faculty to review the plan and respond if there were any comments.

    Before GEN Watts leaves, he will look at the budget. BOV has decided not to increase fees this year. It is likely that enrollment will decline slightly this year. The faculty will be represented by Professors Sheila Foster and Michael Barrett in a budget review process intended to identify areas where cuts can be made.

    As a result of the recent case involving Coach Taafe, Taafe will be teaching 14 hours this semester. This is not a legal matter but relates to the school's value system. BGEN Poole attempted to get faculty involved in the decision- making process, but was not as successful as he would have liked to be. He met with the Health and Physical Education department to discuss the decision with them.

    Goals that need to be accomplished this year include (a) instituting the Student Evaluation of Teaching as an assessment tool for reappointment, tenure and promotion, etc., (b) revising the strategic plan to become gender neutral in its mission statement, five-year recruitment plan, etc. (target date is the October BOV meeting), completing the new promotion and tenure policies (target date is the December BOV meeting), and beginning the core curriculum study.

    With regard to classroom management, BGEN Poole encouraged faculty to make the syllabus more definitive, e.g., when students can work together on out-of-class assignments and when they cannot (this relates to potential honor violations).

    When a possible honor system violation occurs, note that the professor evaluates the grade but is not responsible for determining the punishment for an honor system violation. The honor violation is a separate issue.

    A new uniform manual has been distributed to departments. Faculty should follow the standards set forth in the manual. BGEN Poole stressed the importance of setting a good example and serving as a role model for the cadets.

    COL Metts will be serving as acting VPAA while BGEN Poole is the interim President.

    BGEN Poole pledged to do his best to help the school move forward while serving as interim president. He asked the faculty for its strong support.

  2. Faculty Service Awards presented by BGEN Poole
    Ten-year service awards were presented to Professors Durgun, Greim, Woo, Sharbrough, and Francel. Thirty-year service awards were presented to Professors Nath and Nichols.

  3. Faculty Council Report by LTC J. S. Leonard, Chair of Faculty Council
    The 1996-97 Faculty Council (FC) has only met once (in May). This year's officers include Jim Leonard (chair), Michael Barrett (vice-chair), and Ken Brannan (Secretary). The representatives to the Core Curriculum Review Committee are Professors Gurganus and Steed.

    Professor Leonard expressed thanks to the 1995-96 chair of FC, John Carter. He noted that Professor Carter still had many responsibilities.

    The Faculty Manual was under study all last year. FC proposed 60 changes; 55 have been approved by the Academic Board. The review process should be completed soon.

    The grading system was studied by a subcommittee chaired by Professor Hutchisson. The results will be forwarded to the Core Curriculum Review Committee.

    FC reviewed the search for the department head of the Education Department. The search was in its second year in 1995-96. No selection was made because of internal divisions, and there were allegations of improprieties. During the search, AAUP sent letters to BOV and BGEN Poole, FC sent letters to BGEN Poole, and the chair of FC discussed the matter with BOV. Between 15 May and 15 June, a study committee interviewed everyone in the Education Department and several others. FC representatives have the report; if any faculty member wishes to see the report, the FC representative should be contacted.

    The Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee should complete its proposed revisions to the Faculty Manual soon. The new document will then by reviewed by FC.

    Last year, FC completed a study relating of possible discrimination against Citadel faculty associated with single-gender issues. A subcommittee of FC chaired by Professor Barrett conducted the study. Results of the study have been made available to all faculty.

    A study of wearing of the uniform by Citadel faculty was conducted last year by a subcommittee of FC, chaired by Professor McRae. Results of the study were presented to a BOV subcommittee; BOV should act on the uniform study in 1996-97. Several questions were asked relating to the uniform study:

    What were the results of the study? Ans.The questionnaire distributed to faculty, students, the administration, and BOV had a number of questions, but perhaps the question that almost everyone would be interested in is whether faculty should be required to wear the uniform. A majority of the faculty and students felt that faculty should not be required to wear the uniform; both the administration and BOV strongly supported the concept of faculty wearing the uniform; ROTC faculty were strongly opposed.

    What was the reason why the administration wanted the faculty to wear the uniform? Ans.Primarily because this is the Military College of South Carolina.

    When will the results be ready? Ans.They are ready. They will be distributed electronically, and a copy will be placed in the library. The study will be discussed again at a FC meeting; FC may wish to pass a resolution. BOV will probably wait for the selection of a new president before acting on the uniform study.

  4. Introduction of New Faculty
    COL Metts introduced all new faculty members.

  5. Keynote Remarks
    COL Reilly introduced the keynote speaker, BGEN Lamkin, Jr., Dean of the Academic Board of the United States Military Academy. BGEN Lamkin's presentation was on "Gender Issues in Academic Programs." A question and answer period followed BGEN Lamkin's presentation.

  6. Lunch
    Following BGEN Lamkin's address, lunch was served in the Riverview Room.

  7. AAA Presentation
    Ms. Jan Bostick, the AAA Regional Account Executive discussed policies, procedures, etc., for all Citadel- supported travel. AAA is the designated travel representative for The Citadel.

  8. Committee Meetings
    Faculty committees met and elected chairs for the 1996-97 year.