Duckett Hall Auditorium
Thursday, 19 December, 1996
General Poole noted in his opening remarks that topics to be discussed during the meeting included things accomplished this semester and things not accomplished. He also noted that a planning meeting may be needed in January.
  1. Strategic Plan
    The Strategic Plan has been amended based on changes recommended by the executive committee. Actions have been identified, and a response has been requested from key persons. However, milestones and goals to be set by vice-presidents and department heads have not yet been formulated. The strategic plan will be tied into the budget process this year.

  2. Performance Funding by the State of South Carolina
    The state has made the decision to fund higher education using 37 performance indicators. This will be implemented beginning in January, but the process still has many unknowns. Department heads have the complete report. A meeting with a CHE representative is planned for early January to discuss certain items.

  3. Recruiting Plan
    Some funds have already been spent to recruit women. State funds have been requested for making the transition to a coeducational cadet program. There are indications that these funds will be given to The Citadel, but they have not yet been approved.

  4. Faculty Manual
    Proposed faculty manual revisions have been reviewed by Faculty Council and the Academic Board. Closure on the faculty manual is expected in early 1997.

  5. Core Curriculum Study
    A committee has been appointed and charged. The committee has met and begun the process.

  6. Policies and Procedures for Tenure and Promotion
    Proposed changes in the policies and procedures for tenure and promotion are currently being reviewed by Faculty Council.

  7. SACS
    SACS still has concerns. Plans are to schedule a meeting in January with SACS representatives to determine what The Citadel must do to address these concerns.

  8. Position Description for Deans and Department Heads
    Position descriptions for deans and department heads have not yet been done.

  9. Assessment Plan
    The Assessment Plan is not yet completely operational.

  10. Plan for Increasing CGPS Students
    Work is still being done on a plan for increasing the number of on-campus, degree-seeking CGPS students.

  11. ABET Visit
    During Fall 1996, a team representing the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) visited the campus and evaluated the two engineering programs at The Citadel. The exit briefing was very positive. A few concerns were mentioned in the exit briefing, including faculty workloads and equipment. The team was very complementary on support departments: History, English, Physics, and the Library. The final report has not yet been received.

  12. Questions
    General Poole responded to a few questions on the importance of performance indicators and the potential impact on the Strategic Plan and the Assessment Plan. This will be discussed more in the future as the situation is better understood.

  13. Hazing Allegations
    General Poole and COL Trez discussed with the faculty events related to recent allegations of hazing of two women cadets. GEN Poole noted that approval had been given for an adult presence in the barracks at night.

    Professor Hack Ezell read a statement that supported the 4th-class system but proposed that four conditions be implemented to strengthen the system. He encouraged Faculty Council to consider a resolution on this. It was decided to address the issue at a Faculty Council meeting in January. The meeting will be held in a large auditorium, and all faculty will be encouraged to attend.