Library Services Committee Report AY 2003-04

The Library Services Committee met on Thursday, September 25, 2003. Those present were: Sparks (who called the meeting to order), Brown, Jones, Heuston, Neulander, Denig, Del Mastro and Johnson. Library Director Angie Leclerc was also present as a non-voting member. After calling the meeting to order Dr Sparks was unanimously elected chair for the academic year. Dr Sparks reviewed the committee's charter, the business of AY2002-03 and asked for any new business. There was none. Angie Leclerc gave the committee an update on current issues of concern at the Daniel Library including: databases, the Friends of the Daniel Library, instructional classes, reserves, audio-visual services, interlibrary loan, information on the web page, extended loans for students involved in extensive research, the "Word for the Wise" program and a variety of funding issues. Dr Sparks suggested that the committee stand ready to entertain any library related issue during the academic year, and proposed a spring meeting should the committee feel it necessary. Receiving no call for a spring meeting, this concludes our report for the AY2003-04.

Respectfully submitted,
Donald L Sparks, PhD
Chair AY2003-04
Library Services Committee