Sabbatical Committee Report, 2002-2003

Bill Woolsey Business Administration
Michael Politano Psychology
David Heisser Library
Gardel Feurtado Political Science and Criminal Justice
Josephine Templeton Health Education and Sports Science
John Murden Civil and Environmental Engineering
Suzanne Mabrouk Chemistry
Guy Tubiana Modern Languages
Mei Chen Mathematics and Computer Science
Dennis Forsythe Biology
Stephanie Hewitt Education
Russell Hilleke Physics
Philip Leon English
Jeffrey Pilcher History

The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering chose not to send a representative to the committee. The committee met with General Carter on October 10 to discuss administrative changes to the sabbaticals program, increasing the number of half-year sabbaticals offered by the college. At that time, the committee elected Jeffrey Pilcher as chair. After discussions within the committee, and with the approval of the Provost, the committee sent out a call for proposals on October 16.

In keeping with the new policy of encouraging both research and development proposals, the committee decided to rank the two categories separately then make a third ranking of all proposals for the limited number of full-year sabbaticals, contingent upon Citadel Foundation funding. Because no development proposals were received, however, only one ranking was ultimately taken. The rankings went from 1 (highest) to 7 (lowest), there being seven applicants. The committee agreed to meet again to discuss the weighted scores before reporting them to the administration.

On December 5, the committee interviewed applicants and discussed the proposals. The committee then ranked the applicants. The committee met again on December 10 to discuss the rankings, which were then transmitted to the Provost. On January 6, 2003, the Provost informed the successful applicants of their awards. Julie Lipovsky and Kyle Sinisi were awarded full-year sabbaticals, subject to Citadel Foundation funding, and Leslie Cohn, Mark del Mastro, Sheila Foster, Dorothy Moore, and George Williams received half-year sabbaticals.

For the Committee,

Jeffrey M. Pilcher
Chair, 2002-2003