Membership: Bell, Briggs, Britz, Glas, Heisser (Chair), Hewett, Hurd, May, McKinney, Redd, Strauch, Woolsey


At its first meeting the Committee decided that its composition should follow its charter, in terms of number of number of members per cluster. The Chair conveyed this request to the Committee on Committees.

In three subsequent meetings, members discussed with LTC Steve Klein ways to encourage greater faculty involvement in the recruitment process. In the previous academic year, the Undergraduate Admissions Committee and the Scholarship Committee worked with BG Harry Carter, VPAA, and the Office of Admissions to put on programs to inform faculty of developments in the area of recruitment. It was felt that this effort had been successful, and that the Committee should continue to promote faculty awareness of the recruiting and admissions. Discussions in 2000/2001 concerned ways that high school and middle school students are attracted to The Citadel and how better to reach prospective students, including those who express interest in particular majors. The Admissions Office would like to work with departments in developing a family of publications, sharing an attractive look, featuring different majors and programs, perhaps including mini-catalogs for particular areas. The Admissions Office also expressed interest in gathering information about events that draw middle and high school students to campus. The Committee decided to work on building a file of information about such events and other outreach efforts to prospective students. In April a letter was sent to all academic department chairs, requesting information for the file.

The Committee also resolved that, in future, it would be desirable to meet with representative of the Admissions Office present and participating.

David Heisser, Chair
3 May 2001