Awards and Post Graduate Scholarship Committee

Year End Report of Activities for 2000/2001 Academic Year


Submitted By: William J. Davis, Committee Chair

Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering

tel: 953-7687, e-mail:

Organization: The following provides an overview of the committee organization:

1.                  Committee Members – Committee members for the 2000/2001 Academic year included the following individuals:

·                     Maria Lynn Kessler, Psychology

·                     Kerry Lassiter, Psychology

·                     Cliff Poole, Business

·                     Tony Redd, English

·                     Kyle Sinisi, History

·                     Mark Del Mastro, Modern Language

·                     Elba Andrade, Modern Language

·                     Clark Bowman, Biology

·                     Jeff Davis, Civil Engineering

·                     Joe Kelley, Biology

·                     Rich Maloney, Naval Science

·                     Jack Rhodes, Ex-Officio, English

2.                  Committee Chair – Jeff Davis was selected to serve as Chair for the 2000/2001 academic year.

3.                  Who’s Who Student Awards – A subcommittee of four members was selected to evaluate student submittals, typically occurring in January for announcement at Corps Day.  The following list of representatives was forwarded to the Director of Cadet Activities for participation in the Who’s Who Student Awards:

1.                  Kyle Sinisi

2.                  Tony Redd

3.                  Kerry Lassiter

4.                  Rich Maloney

4.                  Military Awards – A subcommittee of five members was selected to assess nomination packages and meet with Commandant’s committee to vote on student military award recipients.  Packages are typically sent out in November and meeting is typically held in early December. The following list of representatives was forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for participation in the General Awards Committee:

1.                  Clark Bowman

2.                  Mark Del Mastro

3.                  Maria Lynn Kessler

4.                  Kyle Sinisi

5.                  Joe Kelly

4.                  Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award – It was agreed that a committee of the whole would meet to evaluate nominees for these awards.  The committee met in early Spring to determine campus-wide awards for student and faculty/staff presented during the Spring commencement ceremony.

5.                  Post Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships – Jack Rhodes convened ad hoc committees as needed throughout year to review, evaluate and interview applicants for scholarships and fellowships.  Two meetings were held this year to evaluate a Rhodes applicant and a Fullbright applicant.

Actions: The following list provides a summary of committee actions:

1.                  Ad-hoc committee evaluated student application for Rhodes Scholarship.

2.                  Ad-hoc committee evaluated student application for Fullbright Scholarship.

3.                  Subcommittee participated in evaluation of Who’s Who Student Award nominations, coordinated by Director of Cadet Activities.

4.                  Subcommittee participated in evaluation of Military Awards nominations, coordinated by Commandant of Cadets.

5.                  Committee of the whole solicited, evaluated and forwarded faculty/staff and student nominations for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, submitted to the VP of Academic Affairs.

6.                  Committee Chair has been charged with developing draft revisions for the Committee Charter.  The Committee plans to evaluate draft at initial meeting for the 2001/2001 academic year, with subsequent comment, revision and approval during the fall semester.