Date: 5 June 1995
Procedure # : 600-05

Written By : Sharon Thompson, Grants Coordinator

1. Introduction

It is critical that all requirements of each individual grant be noted prior to the grant beginning. The grant establishment procedure makes certain that the Principal Investigator knows the rules and other requirements of the grant. The procedures also insures that the proper forms are filed with the state and the information needed for the federal schedule as part of the annual audit is noted.

2. General Definition of Responsibility

The Grant Coordinator is responsible for completing the form. Others may need to do certain tasks, but it is the Grants Coordinator who does the follow up and documentation.

3. Policy

The Grants Coordinator will use the attached form when establishing a grant. The form will be completed and placed on the left side of the grant folder.

_____Award letter acknowledged/contract signed
_____Establish grant folder
_____Contract and all contract related items go in left side. All accounting items, including billings go in right side.
_____Set up account on the accounting system. If the grant extends past a fiscal year end, set it up as a "P" so all expenses are displayed for the grant over its life.
_____Enter all pertinent data on screens 5 & 9 in FRS.
_____Review contract and list dates of financial reports and technical reports on a card and tape to left side of folder behind contract. Every time a report is sent, the date sent is noted.
_____Obtain CFDA number from grantor and put on screen 5&9.
_____Obtain CFDA title from CFDA book and put on card on left side.
-------Send copy of federal requirements to PI.
_____Receive signed copy of federal requirements and put in left side of folder.
_____Review for cost sharing requirements and inform Director Financial Services.
_____Director Financial Services discuss with investigator how cost sharing will be documented.
_____Director Financial Services discuss effort report requirements with PI.
_____GCR-6 sent if research.
_____GCR-1 form on file for non research. Full indirect costs requested if federal funds. If not, support from federal government obtained concerning no indirect costs being allowed or a ceiling established.
-------Prepare FPR-1 for all anticipated Annual Grants
_____Prepare D38 after Acknowledgment received on non- research grants.
_____Prepare BD100 on approved grants not previously reported on FPR-1.
-------Final report sent
_____Cash, fund balance = 0
_____Freeze Account
_____All time and effort reports received.
_____All cost sharing documented
_____Prepare Federal Schedule for grant