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Complete the Travel Authorization Request

You cannot approve your own travel - therefore you need to enter a Travel Authorization Request before you make any concrete travel plans. A travel authorization number is required before any expenses can be paid.


Employees that use a blanket travel order for in-state travel should follow the procedure below to obtain the travel authorization number.

Enter a travel request in the TAR system (under one-stop on the Quick Links from the Home Page)
Under Proposal of Travel enter "blanket travel request for FYyy"
Under Departure Date enter "July 1, yyyy"
Under Return Date enter "June 30, yyyy"
Under Itinerary enter "various"
Complete the remainder of the form as appropriate (no cost information is necessary)

Once the form is approved by your supervisor, a travel authorization number will be established.  return to the TAR system and click review or change request to get the authorization number.  Please note this number, as you will use it for all in-state travel for the fiscal year.

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