Permanent Faculty

AGUIRRE, Nancy Latin America
BISHOP, Jane C. Western Classical, Medieval, Byzantine
BOUGHAN, Kurt M. Early Modern Europe, Science and Medicine, Medieval Intellectual
COX, Marcus S. African-American, Civil Rights, Post-1945 U.S.
GRENIER, Katherine H. Modern Europe, Britain
JOHSTONO, Paul Military, Hellenistic World
KNAPP, Keith N. East Asia, Pre-Modern China
MUSHAL, Amanda U.S. Old South
NEULANDER, Joelle 20th-century Europe, Gender, Popular Culture
PRESTON, David L. Colonial America, Native American, Revolutionary War
RENOUARD, Joseph U.S. Diplomatic
SINISI, Kyle S. U.S. to 1877, Military, American Civil War
TAYLOR, Kerry U.S. Labor, American Oral
WRIGHT, Christopher Islam, Middle East

Visiting Assistant Professors

MADDOX, Melanie Medieval Europe; Pre-modern Ireland
STOCKTON, Nancy U.S. South

Office Staff

KINNEY, Kelley Administrative Assistant