Jane C. Bishop

Associate Professor

424C Capers Hall

Jane Bishop got her B.A. from Vassar College in History and her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Byzantine History with a Roman History minor. Her research interests are the social history of the late pagan Roman and early Byzantine Empires, capital punishment in ancient Greece and Rome, and the history of the early medieval Popes. She teaches undergraduate survey courses in Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Western Medieval history, as well as her special undergraduate course, "Crime and Punishment Through the Ages." On the graduate level, she has taught courses involving Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Crusades, High Middle Ages and non-Western history.

  1. Fall 2013 Course Materials
  2. HIST 103 - Western Civilization to 1648 - Syllabus PDF
  4. HONR 103 - Honors History I - Syllabus PDF
  6. HIST 331 - The Byzantine Empire - Syllabus PDF

For nearly a quarter-century, Prof. Bishop, a soprano accomplished in classical performance, has entertained the Citadel community with her annual song concert. For the curious, a dossier of programs and libretti for concerts 21-24 is here.