Paul Johstono

Assistant Professor

432A Capers Hall

Paul Johstono is a specialist in Hellenistic military history and teaches courses in ancient and military history for The Citadel. He is a native of Leesburg, Georgia, earned his BA from Furman ('05) and his MA and PhD from Duke ('08 and '12, respectively). His research interests include the military institutions of Hellenistic states, warfare in the Mediterranean and Near East from the fourth to first centuries BC, and asymmetric and irregular conflicts in world history.

His undergraduate courses include the Western Civilization sequence, Western Military History, The History of the Vietnam War, and Great Captains from Alexander to Caesar. He looks forward to teaching on Greek and Roman warfare and asymmetric conflicts and insurgency, among other topics, down the road. His first graduate-level course covers the history of the Hellenistic Near East.