Dr. Knapp digs his way home, Summer 2004

Keith Knapp


432C Capers Hall

A native of Pound Ridge, New York, Keith Knapp received his B.A. in History and Asian Studies from the State University of New York at Albany and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in East Asian History from the University of California, Berkeley. His research focuses on the cultural and social history of early medieval China (AD 100-600); he is particularly interested in exploring how people of this era viewed their society and world. He has written Selfless Offspring: Filial Children and Social Order in Medieval China, as well as a numerous book chapters and articles. Together with Albert Dien, he is editing the long-awaited Cambridge History of China: Volume Two, The Six Dynasties 220-581. Presently, he is also trying to finish a manuscript entitled "The Lives of Filial Children: A Study of Two Medieval Chinese Manuscripts Preserved in Kyoto."

He is the President of the Early Medieval China Group and the Chair of the Southeast Early China Roundtable. Each week he compiles and distributes the "Early China Archaeological Digest."

Knapp is the History Department's specialist on East Asia. He regularly teaches courses on the history of pre-modern China, modern China, Japan, and the Silk Road. He has also offered special topic courses on East Asian religions and conceptions of leadership; in the future, he would like to do one on East Asian archaeology. At the graduate level, he teaches courses on pre-modern China, historiography, and the history of the non-Western world. Usually, every other year, he takes students to China as part of a Maymester program.

  1. Bibliographies
  2. Confucianism 
  3. Slavery in China and Japan 
  4. Gender in Pre-modern China 
  5. War & Violence in China 
  6. Samurai 

Knapp offers sage rules for writing well and guidelines for writing an undergraduate history paper.

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