HIST 740: Seminar - Early Modern Europe

Links and References to Potential Sources


From the Cornell University Witchcraft Collection:

Richard Baxter (1615-91). The Certainty of the World of the Spirits. Fully evinced by the unquestionable Histories of Apparitions and Witchcrafts, Operations, Voices, andc. Proving the Immortality of Souls, the Malice and Misery of the Devils, and the Damned, and the Blessedness of the Justified. Written for the Conviction of Sadduces and Infidels. London 1691.

Balthasar Bekker (1634-98). The World Turn'd Upside Down: or, A Plain Detection of Errors, In the Common or Vulgar Belief, Relating To Spirits, Spectres or Ghosts, Daemons, Witches, and c. 1700.

Richard Bovet, b. c. 1641. Pandaemonium, or, The devil's cloyster : being a further blow to modern sadduceism, proving the existence of witches and spirits, in a discourse deduced from the fall of the angels, the propagation of Satans kingdom before the flood, the idolatry of the ages after greatly advancing diabolical confederacies, with an account of the lives and transactions of several notorious witches : also, a collection of several authentick relations of strange apparitions of dæmons and spectres, and fascinations of witches, never before printed.

Meric Causabon (1599-1671). Of credulity and incredulity in things divine and spiritual: wherein (among other things) a true and faithful account is given of the Platonick philosophy, as it hath reference to Christianity : as also the business of witches and witchcraft, against a late writer, fully argued and disputed.

Meric Causabon (1599-1671). A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches, and Supernatural Operations, by Pregnant Instances and Evidences: Together with other Things worthy of Note. By Meric Casaubon, D.D. 1672.

Francis Coxe. A Short Treatise declaringe the detestable wickednesse of magicall sciences, as Necromancie, Conjurations of spirites, curiouse astrologie and such lyke. London 1561.

Nathaniel Crouch. Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and Mercy: Discovered in Above Three Hundred Memorable Histories, Containing I. Dreadful Judgments upon Atheists, Perjured Wretches, Blasphemers, Swearers, Cursers and Scoffers. II. The Miserable Ends of divers Magicians, Witches, Conjurers, and c. with several strange Apparitions. III. Remarkable Presages of Approaching Death, and of Appeals to Divine Justice. IV. The Wicked Lives, and Woful Deaths of Wretched Popes, Apostates, and Desperate Persecutors. V. Fearful Judgments upon Cruel Tyrants, Murderers, and c. with the Wonderful Discovery of Murders. VI. Admirable Deliverances from Imminent Dangers and Deplorable Distresses at Sea and Land. VII. Divine Goodness to Penitents, with the Dying Thoughts of several Famous Men concerning a Future State after this Life. Impartially Collected from Antient and Modern Authors, of undoubted Authority and Credit, and Imbellished with divers Curious Pictures, of several Remarkable Passages therein. By R. B. [pseudonym] Author of the History of the Wars of England, and the Remarks of London, and c. London 1682.

Meric Casaubon on John Dee (1527-1608). A True and Faithful Relation of What passed for many Yeers between Dr. John Dee (A Mathematician of Great Fame in Q. Eliz. and King James their Reignes) and some spirits: Tending (had it succeeded) to a general alteration of most States and Kingdomes in the world. His private Conferences with Rodolphe Emperor of Germany, Stephen K. of Poland, and divers other Princes about it. The Particulars of his Cause, as it was agitated in the Emperors Court; by the Popes intervention: his banishment, and restoration in part. As also the letters of Sundry Great Men and Princes (some whereof were present at some of these Conferences and Apparitions of Spirits:) to the Said D. Dee. Out of the original copy, written with Dr. Dees own hand, kept in to library of Sir Tho. Cotton. With a Preface confirming the Reality (as to the Point of Spirits) of This Relation: and shewing the several good Uses that a Sober Christian may make of All. By Meric Causaubon, D. D. London 1659.

James I, King of England (1566-1625). Daemonologie, in Forme of a Dialogue, Diuided into three Bookes. 1597.

Loyer, Pierre le, 1550-1634. A Treatise of Specters or Straunge Sights, Visions and Apparitions appearing sensibly vnto men. Wherein is delivered, the Nature of Spirites, Angels, and Divels: their power and properties: as also of Witches, Sorcerers, Enchanters, and such like. With a Table of the Contents of the severall Chapters annexed in the end of the Booke. Newly done out of French into English. London 1605.


References from Ozment:

Simon Fish (d. 1531). A Supplicacyon for the Beggers.

Erasmus. De libero arbitrio. The debate between Luther and Erasmus on free will has been translated. See Ozment, p. 294.

Williams, George H., ed. Spiritual and Anabaptist Writers: Documents Illustrative of the Radical Reformation. Philadelphia, 1957.

Sider, Ronald J. Karlstadt's Battle with Luther: Documents in a Liberal Radical Debate. Philadelphia, 1957.

Franklin, J.H. Ed. and trans. Constitutionalism and Resistance in the Sixteenth Century: Three Treatises by Hotman, Beza, and Mornay. New York, 1969. Documents of Protestant resistance theory.

John Knox. Works of John Knox. Ed. David Laing, 1855. Includes First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.

Leon Battista Alberti (1404-74). The Family in Renaissance Florence. Trans. Renee Neu Watkins. 1969.


From earlymodernweb.org:

Aristotle's Masterpiece. Sex and childbirth manual first printed in 1684.

The Cely papers. Documents of an English family of international wool merchants.

Euro-docs links for Britain, 1486-1688.


Miscellaneous websites:

Emory University early modern women writers collection.

Notices of sources for the history of women in the family; in particular, popular seventeenth-century advice books.

Diplomatic correspondence of Thomas Bodley, 1585-97.

State papers of James I.

Yale electronic texts in the history of medicine.


List of Reformation-related Primary Sources, for a Citadel Undergraduate "Capstone" Course, Spring 2009.

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