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Modern Languages Banquet 2007 (April 5)


Alliance Française de Charleston members, Marie-Laure Arnaud (President &
Banquet Keynote Speaker) and Gigi Sireyjol (Secretary),
along with Cadet Andrew Jones (Fulbright scholarship recipient).

Dr. Cambeira, Mrs. Cabezas and Dr. Toubiana (front, left to right) with cadets and
special guests from the Alliance Française de Charleston.

Dr. Jellenik introduces the Banquet Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Skow shares a laugh with Colette Baumle (German Award recipient).

Dr.Zane Segle with Brian Corbett (Spanish Award recipient),
Jared Newman (Gabriela Mistral Award recipient) and
Andrew Green (Sigma Delta Pi scholarship recipient)

Dr. Amrita Das, Mrs. Mary Cabezas, Dr. Alan Cambeira, Cadet Jessica Park
and Dr. Juan Bahk

Cadet Zur with Mr. Armand Windmueller of the Deutscher Brüderlicher Bund.

Dr. Al Finch, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences,
speaks with Dr. Eloy Urroz.

Dr. Toubiana and Dr. Bahk.

Dr. Del Mastro, Head of Modern Languages.