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Modern Languages Banquet 2008 (April 8)


John Michael Alexander (German & Business Administration '03)
during his keynote address to banquet attendees.

Cadets Caroline Lytle and Ryan Adams, German majors.

Dr. Andrade, Mrs. Johns, Mrs. Cao and Mrs. Cabezas.

Cadets Adison DeMallie and Christopher Brown, German minors,
with German majors Jay Maloney and Michael Kourkounakis (far right),
the 2008 German Award recipient.

Dr. Segle (right) speaks with Jared S. Newman,
2008 Spanish Award recipient.

Dr. Urroz with Spanish majors and minors.

Dr. Jellenik shares a laugh with Cadets Sherrod Croom,
Cortez Allen, Benny Huerta, Logan Moran and Colt Fossum

Cadet J.D. Lathers and Dr. Gurganus.

Dr. Emory with Julius Siler V, 2008 French Award recipient,
and Brian Hladik.

Dr. Toubiana (right) with one of the
French award recipients.

Dr. Skow (center) with Domenic Mitchell, German minor,
and Harry Ehlies, German major.

Dr. Andrade (third from left) with Spanish majors and minors.

Dr. Del Mastro speaks with Valentín Boza,
President of the Tau Iota Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi
and the Spanish Cultural Club.