Summer Study in France


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Program Information

Map of France

Academic Program:

Classroom instruction in French Monday through Friday mornings. Afternoons, evenings and weekends will be devoted to cultural excursions. A weekly journal, written in French, reflecting insights into cultural/cross-cultural experiences, will be turned in to Program Director by all students.


Students from any college/university meeting the following qualifications are cordially invited to apply:

  • Completion of French 102 (Elementary French II) or equivalent with C or better
  • GPA of at least 2.0 (on a scale of 4)
  • Recommendation of language instructor(s)
  • Interview with Program Director (by telephone if need be)


Students who have completed French 102 will receive 6 hours credit for French 201 and 202 (Intermediate French I & II). Students having already successfully taken French 201 and 202 will obtain 6 hours credit for French 390 and 391 (Contemporary French Culture & Contemporary French Usage, respectively).


Classes begin Monday, July 7th and end Friday, August 1st 2014. Students need to arrive in Montpellier the weekend before the beginning of classes ( Sunday, June 3). Students are responsible for their own flight arrangements. Candidates may reserve their plane tickets anytime but must pay for their tickets only after the necessary forms have been completed and returned to them.

The final destination going to France is Montpellier. Students have the option of flying directly to Montpellier, or they may fly to Paris and board the train, which can be taken directly from the Paris airport to Montpellier. Travel time Paris-Montpellier on the TGV (“High-Speed Train”) is about three and one-half hours.


To enhance their immersion experience in France, students will be housed with a French-speaking host family in Montpellier. Within a couple of weeks before their departure from the United States, students must contact their host family so that they can be picked up at the airport or train station in Montpellier. Students must make their own way to Montpellier (see above). Host family members CANNOT meet them in Paris.

Estimated Cost:

Approximately $4000 (precise amount depends on exchange rate and will be determined later), including registration and tuition at The Citadel, French school tuition, stay with host family, breakfast and dinner in Montpellier, excursions, and insurance. This does NOT include airfare to France, lunches, passports, personal expenses, books, and independent travel. A $500 deposit is due by February 8th. The entire amount is due no later than the end of March. Students dropping out of the program after April 26th will be reimbursed 50% of the total cost.

Contact Information:

Dr. Guy Toubiana, French Program Director
Department of Modern Languages
The Citadel
Charleston, SC 29409

Office Phone: 953-5253
Home Phone: 571-7254


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