Spanish Graduate Courses

    • 507: Business Spanish
    • 508: Spanish Business Communication and Correspondence

    Spring 2004

    Spanish 507
    Prerequisite: four semesters of undergraduate Spanish or equivalent experience with the language.
    Introduction to the language and culture of economics, corporations, commerce, and banking in Spain and Latin America. Class conducted primarily in Spanish. Extensive use of multi-media, especially the Internet.
    Instructor: Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro (curriculum vitae).
    Since 1997, Professor Del Mastro has been serving as the National Executive Secretary-Treasurer of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, a post that has provided him a wealth of business experience as he oversees the Society's international operations with 516 chapters in the U.S. and Canada and several business partners in Spain and Latin America. In addition to directing The Citadel's Summer Study Program in Spain four different years, he also founded and directed The Citadel's Maymester Study Abroad Program in the Andes (Quito, Ecuador), and he has taught in the renowned M.A. program of the Middlebury College Spanish School.





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