19 September 2001

The following policy is in effect for Citadel cadets
and other students who are called to active military duty.

If a student is required by law to report for active military duty, the student has the following options:

  1. If a student wishes to withdraw from classes, the student will be given a full tuition and fee refund, regardless of the date of withdrawal, and will be given a pro-rated refund of all auxiliary fees. Since the student has already been included in the numbers submitted to the Commission on Higher Education, the student should receive grades of "W" in each course.

  2. If the student wishes to remain enrolled in courses with the option of trying to complete them upon return to The Citadel, no tuition or fees will be refunded at the time of discharge. If the student wishes, a pro-rated refund of auxiliary fees may be given. The student will receive grades of "I" (Incomplete) in each course until the student returns to The Citadel.

    If at the time the student returns, the student and the faculty member feel completing the course is reasonable, the student will be allowed to remove the grade of "I" and that portion of the student's tuition and fee associated with that course will not be refunded.

    If, however, the student and the faculty member do not feel completion of a course is reasonable, the student will be withdrawn from the course with the grade of "w" and the tuition and fees associated with that course will be refunded in full or, if the student prefers, applied to the next semester at The Citadel.

The spirit of this policy is to provide the greatest flexibility to the student. When it is feasible for the student to complete the courses already begun, the college wants the student to have that opportunity. In no case do we want a military call-up to have an adverse impact on the student's academic record or to cost the student financially.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Col. Spike Metts, Dean of Planning and Assessment, 953.5155.



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