Vol. 1, No. 2 September 2002  

Coming to Campus

Oct. 2 - The Citadel Career Fair

Oct. 2 - MSNBC's Hardball broadcast live at 9 p.m.

Oct. 11 - Ring Ceremony

Oct. 12 - Parent's Day

Oct. 17 - Leadership Forum Launch with Charlotte Beers, Under Secretary of State and former ad executive

Oct. 31 - Greater Issues address with Admiral Frank Bowman, Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion

For more info, check out the events calendar at http://www.citadel.edu/

What's new at The Citadel Foundation?
For one thing, the web site.
Check it out:

Women's athletics is coming of age

Six years and seven sports later, The Citadel is making significant headway in developing women's sports without dropping any for men.

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  • Meet Cadet Colonel Neikirk
  •    The regimental commander is an engineering major, has a Marine contract and is all business as he leads the Corps of Cadets with some lofty goals.

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  • The big boom is muted
  •    The thunderous roar of the cannons that used to make children cry, tourists jump and car alarms go off at parade is less intimidating now - a surprising effect of September 11.

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  • Intern helps WWII vets
  •    109 Lowcountry veterans finally got the medals they had earned thanks, in part, to the work of Honors Cadet Adam Whitsett, an intern for Congressman Henry Brown.

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  • Honor Society wins kudos
  •    The Citadel's Spanish honor society earns national recognition for its activities.

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  • General's Journal
  •    We hold these truths . . . The remembrance of September 11 was heightened by the visit to campus of a rare document that changed the history of this country.

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  • Empty spot on the parade ground
  •    The Sherman tank is gone but not forgotten. It will return better than ever thanks to some help from the National Guard.

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