Vol. 2, No. 1 January 2003  

Business Leaders
Speaking on Campus

Feb 18 - Chad Holliday, CEO of DuPont

March 4 - Dr. Harvey Schiller '60, CEO of Assante

April 11 - Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware

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  • The Citadel stays attuned to possibility of war
  •    Cadets and employees in the reserves are wondering what their near future holds as war looms with Iraq.

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  • A march for a Band fan
  •    Major Herb Day composed a march to honor a Stalwart Friend. You can hear this original number that made its debut on Parents' Weekend.

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  • Wrestlers setting records
  •    If The Citadel were in the ACC, our wrestling team would be number one. The grapplers have plenty of talent to take on much bigger colleges.

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  • The mess hall kitchen makes TV
  •    Nationally known chef Bob Waggoner brought a TV crew from Turner South to the mess hall to find out what it takes to cook breakfast for 1900 cadets.

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  • General's Journal - Back from the break
  •    One of the toughest times for a fourth class cadet is that ride back from Christmas vacation. General Grinalds shares his thoughts about the return to campus after a brief hiatus.

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  • A Gettysburg address worth reading
  •    William Zemp '92 gave the keynote address at a Gettysburg memorial service on September 11th. His speech, which has been nominated for a Toastmaster's award, so moved the crowd that they stood up and spontaneously began singing God Bless America when he finished.

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