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Houston receives Purple Heart from President Bush
Pace slower but a steady stream of alumni still bound for Iraq

Captain Jeff Houston, a member of the Class of 1996, met President Bush and his wife in April under circumstances that were less than ideal. The 30-year-old Marine was in Bethesda Naval Hospital recovering from critical injuries he sustained during a tank battle in Iraq. Only a day or so after he was flown back to the US, President Bush visited the hospital and presented him with the Purple Heart for his heroic actions.

President Bush visited Captain Houston and his family at Bethesda Naval Hospital

The report of that fight as told by imbedded reporter Jim Landers with the Dallas Morning News was dramatic and powerful. Houston spent time recuperating at home with his family near Winston-Salem, N.C. and was able to return to Camp Lejeune by the end of May, just before his company returned from Iraq. The Dallas Morning News gave an account of that reunion.

Houston is expected to make a full recovery and has accepted an invitation from General Grinalds to take review at a parade planned for November 7, 2003 to honor all those alumni veterans of the Iraqi War.

Meanwhile, the list of alumni being added to The Citadel's website continues to grow though at a much slower rate than was the case in late winter. In a three-week period beginning in mid-June and spanning Independence Day, a total of 12 new names appeared on the list including several from the Class of 2002. Two other soldiers on that list who are stationed in Iraq have received promotions.

To view the list of deployed alumni, go to The Citadel's Iraqi War website. To find the most recent deployed alumni, sort by "date submitted."