October 2004

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PT dedication inspires Hollings to reminisce
The new Zoo
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Brigadier Foundation announces
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Long lost ring reunited with owner
Alabama reporter gives heartwarming tribute to The Citadel
Board of Visitors tackles stadium,
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Wachovia grant boosts reading program
Extra: Dawgs lead the good life

PT dedication inspires Hollings to reminisce

Senator Fritz Hollings ’42 laughs when Major General Grinalds refers to him as Saint Fritz. The nickname became popular among Citadel folks three years ago when news broke that The Citadel would receive $15 million in federal money to complete PT Barracks. That funding, the result of work by Senator Hollings and his colleague, Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, changed the building project from a goal to a reality.

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Senator Hollings:
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Along with the $11 million The Citadel had received in state funding, the federal grant provided the money necessary to start demolition and reconstruction.

The new barracks replicates the appearance of the original structure built in 1922. “It’s good to see a new building that looks old,” Hollings said.

During the dedication ceremony the senator joked about insisting that the quad be soft. “You know how president generals always get their wishes,” he told the gathering. “When I think of that, I think of General Charles P. Summerall. All he ever wished for me was all tours and all confinements.”

Major General John S. Grinalds presented Senator Hollings with the last flag
to fly over the old PT Barracks and the first flag raised over the new barracks.

Hollings reminisced about seeing President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin D. Roosevelt on campus. Yet most of his remarks were about the legacy of Citadel alumni and the lasting values that a Citadel education instills.

Doug Snyder, vice chairman of The Citadel Board of Visitors, praised the senator for his work with the college and his contributions to the betterment of others throught his political life. "We are extremely grateful to Senator Hollings for all his tangible contributions," Snyder said. "However, the most significant trait I am thankful for is that he is a living poster child of The Citadel mission."

"In 1962, Senator Henry Ashurst stated, 'No man is fit to be a senator unless he is willing to surrender his political life for a great principle.' Senator Hollings has many times demonstrated his willingness to surrender his political life for great principle. He is one of the most visible examples of The Citadel vision statement . . . excellence in the education of principled leaders."

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