Nov/Dec 2004

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General's Journal: Leadership 101
Cadet named governor of
state student legislature
Early season wins give boost to Bulldogs
Palmetto Battery cadets build houses
Stories Beneath The Stones
Charles O. Fortsonís Diary:
A glimpse into the life of a 1939 alumnus during World War II
2001 graduate dies in Iraq
School of Humanities and Social Sciences forms advisory board
General and Boo make list of
portentous pups

General and Boo make list of portentous pups

Boo (left) and General (right) listed among "the proud, the unusual and the amusing" college mascots.
Citadel mascots General and Boo V are among several college mascots featured in a new book all about dogs.

Dogs Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Historic Hounds, Professional Pooches and Canine Oddities by Alexandra Powe Allred features dogs that have served during wartime, myths about dogs, famous rescue dogs and dogs in the spotlight alongside training tips, breed recommendations and canine health information.

The Citadel’s pampered pooches are No. 8 among 10 of “the proud, the unusual and the amusing” college mascots.

General, who was born June 18, 2003, became the first live mascot to live on The Citadel campus since the 1950s. Donated by the late Hazel Groshon of James Island, S.C., General is a relative of Uga 5, the famous and popular University of Georgia mascot, which made “Dog’s Most Wanted’s” list at No. 2.

Boo V was born on Sept. 30, 2003, and was donated by Citadel alumnus Fred Ducker, '63. He is one in a long line of Boo mascots and is named after Lt. Col. Thomas Nugent “The Boo” Courvoisie, a former commandant of cadets.

The mascots’ main duties are to provide morale for the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff and Bulldog athletic teams and to bark at opposing teams, eat numerous dog biscuits and be pampered by the cadets who guard them for 12 hours a day while school is in session.

The Class of 2003 created the mascot program and raised $1,000 toward the program's startup. Private funds and in-kind donations provide sole support for the mascot program and cadets volunteer to work on the mascot detail.

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Articles in this edition
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4-6 December
       Candlelight Christmas service

6 December
        CGPS exams begin

9 December
        SCCC exams begin;
        CGPS exams end

14 December
        Holiday furlough begins

9 January
        Holiday furlough ends

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