Nov/Dec 2004

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General's Journal: Leadership 101
Cadet named governor of
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Early season wins give boost to Bulldogs
Palmetto Battery cadets build houses
Stories Beneath The Stones
Charles O. Fortsonís Diary:
A glimpse into the life of a 1939 alumnus during World War II
2001 graduate dies in Iraq
School of Humanities and Social Sciences forms advisory board
General and Boo make list of
portentous pups

2001 graduate dies in Iraq

Dan Thomas Malcom in his senior photo in the 2001 edition of The Sphinx.
Marine 1st Lt. Dan Thomas Malcom of Brinson, Ga., was buried with full military honors in Arlington on Nov. 23. The 25-year-old member of the Class of 2001 was the eighth Citadel alumnus to become a casualty of the war on terror. Lt. Malcom was killed on Nov. 10 in the battle for Fallujah.

He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Malcom, a member of Lima Company, was a business administration major, a dean's list student and served as Lima Company's executive officer.

Report on the BBC

According to a report on the BBC, Lt. Malcom was going to rescue some fellow Marines who were trapped on a rooftop. Embedded reporter Paul Wood wrote, "Lt. Malcom's squad went up on to the highest roof top they could find -- but not higher than the two minarets on either side with snipers.

"There was a wall about 40cm tall for cover. Everyone tried to get close to it while bullets skipped across the paving stones.

"When he heard his men were in trouble -- the men he'd been giving chess tips just the day before -- Lt. Malcom came to get them."

One sniper bullet hit his helmet. He was killed by a second bullet that struck him in the back.

From "Hunting 'Satan' in Falluja hell" by Paul Wood, BBC NEWS

Kevin Bates, an '01 classmate, said Malcom threw himself into his military duties while at The Citadel.

"Other than that, he was focused mainly on his studies and friends. He was always the calm-headed one of us," Bates said. "He kinda pulled everyone together. He was always true to his beliefs and he appreciated the little things in life more than most of us do."

Robert Dillon '04 knew Malcom as his cadre squad sergent and found it remarkable that a senior would volunteer for a difficult job normally done by a 2nd classman. "The reason is he cared, not only about his classmates, but also about everyone under him. He led from the front, spirit runs, academics, daily life, and even in the Corps," Dillon recalled.

"He was the epitome of military discipline, courtesy, and respect. He was a fine man by any measure, and deserving of our greatest love and appreciation."

Lt. Malcom is survived by his mother and a sister. A separate funeral was held in Colquitt, Ga. prior to the Arlington service.

Those wishing to send expressions of sympathy to the family may write to his sister, Mrs. Dana Kllebrew, 5517 Williams Dr., Donalsonville, Ga 39845.

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Articles in this edition
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