June 2005

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Class of 2009 is full
Board chooses Rosa as President
Class of 2005 ready to take on the world
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Good news brings new bragging rights
Army ROTC tops region

Class of 2009 is full

Freshmen cadets receive military training
While numbers remain fluid until heads are counted on opening day, the admissions office is bracing for a very full class. More than 700 high school graduates say they intend to report on August 13th and that means space could be tight when the rest of the Corps returns.

"We will probably open with a few more than 2000 cadets," says John Powell, director of admissions. He estimates that 650 to 700 of those will be freshmen.

Because of the number of applicants who have followed through with deposits and medical forms, the admissions office has established a wait list for students who missed deadlines for the required forms and fees. "We will be contacting all of those on the wait list by the first of July to let them know if we anticipate any spaces opening up," Powell said. "To be safe, they need to have alternate plans for this fall."

Predicting the size of an incoming class is part mathematics, part psychology, part marketing and part intuition.

Predicting the size of an incoming class is part mathematics, part psychology, part marketing and part intuition.
According to news reports, applications for the service academies and military schools are down this year compared with 2004 and The Citadel trails last year's figures in overall applications. However, of those who have applied and been accepted, a relatively high percentage have paid deposits and sent in medical forms. The percentage of accepted students who follow through - known as the yield - is the critical number admissions offices use to judge how many students will actually show up when the year begins.

"Our yield has been phenomenal this year," said Powell, who noted that the admissions counselors have put even more effort into contacting prospects personally because of the lower applicant numbers.

Class of 2009 *
Total applicants 2050
Total accepts 1571
Total deposits 934
Average SAT (deposits) 1095
Average GPA (deposits) 3.18

* = as of June 21, 2005
"We stress customer service and take pride in our reputation for paying personal attention to our prospects."

Students who are seeking admission receive letters from a number of people including the president, the commandant, the provost, other college officials and alumni. Those who indicate a potential major hear from deans or department heads in that field. And perhaps the most effective contacts come from cadets who call prospects to answer questions and talk about life at The Citadel.

Powell says his office helps everyone, even those who apply and are not offered a space. "We never just say 'no' and send people away. We always suggest options such as going somewhere else for one year to prove themselves or take courses they need. Then we recommend that they apply again the following year."

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