Thou Mayest

Steven B. Sammis
In dedication to his son, Ben. A Marine whose life was taken too soon
while serving his country in Operation "Iraqi Freedom".
Arlington National Cemetery

16 April 2003

My heart aches beyond comprehension.
My Body holds a wound that will never completely heal.
I am not alone.

For the same ache, the same wound, is shared with my wife Beth,
my sons Adam and Jeffery.
And, they are not alone.

This sorrow hits with a devastating thrust at the core of my soul
for a loving young woman who, found her best friend and,
was lucky enough to marry him.
She will not be alone.

And, as I have learned so well over the past 2 weeks,
I share this ache, this wound, with so many others.
So many, that I came to realize its devastating blow has struck so hard,
that I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of it's meaning.
To all of you I say, You will not be alone.

I know not what prayer to offer. I have no divine knowledge
to impart on how to overcome this ache.
But, I can offer two words - Thou Mayest.

I know not their origin. I believe them to be from a biblical lesson.
You see, many years ago a small boy was overwhelmed by a dream to be a pilot.
I spoke these words to him several times thereafter - as encouragement
to fulfill that dream.

Thou Mayest - Two words that helped form his character.
Character, that would help others to overcome their lack
of understanding - their fear of the unknown - their timidness in the face of adversity.

Thou Mayest - Two words found to him to be so compelling,
he had them etched in the gold of a Citadel ring,
there to forever remind him of the character that helped guide him
to graduation, and - the metal to be a Marine.

Thou Mayest - Two words that will forever be stitched
across This wound I hold - Two words I offer all of you
to help heal the ache and sorrow felt this day.
For, if you believe with all your heart - you may.