Parents' Weekend 2002

Parents’ Weekend (Oct. 11-13) did not come too soon for the class of 2003.  They received their rings
Friday afternoon in Summerall Chapel.  The weekend also signified that fourth class cadets have
become official members of the Corps of Cadets. 

Cadet Lamar Sales shows off his new ring.
Cadet 2nd Lt. Brandon McCarter leads Tango Company seniors across Summerall Field.
The Regimental Band and Pipes march past Grimsley Hall at Friday afternoon parade.
Cadet 2nd Lt. James Rabon and members of his company stand at attention during parade on Friday.

Cadet Cpl. John Wagner studies his music before playing his part on the tuba.

Cadet Col. Richard Neikik presents the Regimental Commander's Bowl. Accepting the award
on behalf of Hotel Company is Cadet 2nd Lt. Adam Smith. The award recognizes the cadet company
with the most successful cadre as demonstrated by fourth class attrition rate, and fourth class
performance in close order drill, physical training and knob knowledge.

During Parents' Weekend, the fourth class cadets, known as cadet recruits, are promoted to
cadet privates, officially becoming members of the Corps of Cadets. In this photograph,
a fourth class cadet receives his company letter.
Cadets compete for the Kelly Cup, which is awarded to the company with the best-drilled fourth class.
Alpha Company wins the Kelly Cup.
Cadet Maj. Ken Henkes directs the regimental band during Saturday’s football game.
Senior wide receiver Matt Healy runs a pass route in the game against
East Tennessee State in Johnson Hagood stadium.
At the halftime ceremony, Cadet Capt. Stanley Mosser, commander of the Summerall Guards presents his platoon to Maj. Gen. John S. Grinalds, U.S.M.C. (ret.), president of The Citadel.
The skill and precision of The Citadel military education is exemplified by the
Guards, the elite drill platoon of the college.  Its 61 members are seniors
who have earned a place on the platoon through rigid competition.
Senior offensive lineman Cadet Dan Blary prepares to block.
The Citadel wins the game with a score of 26-7.
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