Thanksgiving dinner Coward Hall style

When a gas line was inadvertently severed by the construction crew of the new Padgett-Thomas Barracks, rendering Coward Hall ovens useless and threatening to cancel Thanksgiving dinner, turkeys were sent out to different ovens around Charleston. Fortunately the catastrophe was avoided and Thanksgiving dinner took place as scheduled on November 19th.

Thanksgiving at The Citadel is a very festive affair--the usual discipline of the fourth class system is suspended for the celebration, and a good time is had by the entire Corps, including the freshmen. Some weeks before the big event, freshmen begin designing unique military-style headdresses that fit over the seniors' shakos.

Cadet Angie Gabella enjoys sporting her Tango headdress.
She is also the cadet photographer responsible for most of the photographs on this page.
Cadet Jasper Varn tips his headdress.
Tango Company knobs stand at attention before dinner begins.
Fourth Battalion Tactical Officer Colonel Pamela Barton serves up pumpkin pie.
Even Major General and Mrs. John S. Grinalds get in the spirit. Talking with Mrs. Grinalds is Regimental Commander Cadet Colonel Richard Neikirk.
First Battalion Commander Cadet Amanda Orson stands next to a very tall headdress.
November Company cadets show their company pride during the Thanksgiving meal.
Regimental Band Executive Officer Cadet Mike Herold stands with his Air Force headdress.
The esprit de corps in Coward Hall makes the turkey all the better for
Cadet Kenneth Henkes and Band Company cadets.
Cadet Justin Chandler munches on a drumstick.
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