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   Campus Safety Program

     General guidance and information


   Campus Emergency Response Plan, 17 Oct 2014

     Policies, Procedures and Organization Hierarchy for emergencies
     occurring on Campus


    Hazardous Materials Information Request 

     Request information and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


    Health or Safety Hazard Reporting

     Report a condition or issue of concern


    Building Coordinator & Emergency Contacts Listing

     A directory of the primary contacts assigned for each campus facility


    Campus Emergency Preparedness and Response

     Management of campus emergencies


    Protocol for Handling Work-related Injury or Illness

     How to Report a Work-Related Injury/Illness and Obtain Medical Attention


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Director of Environmental Health & Safety

(843) 953-4816


Campus AED Locator Map


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This website is not designed for reporting emergencies. In the event of an emergency Dial 9-911 and contact Public Safety at 811 or 953-5114