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Academic Excellence

The Citadel strives for excellence in every arena, placing the utmost importance on the academic success of each cadet and graduate student.

The trademark characteristics that will best enable students to fulfill their potential within the classroom are The Citadel’s assurance of small class sizes, the individual attention and mentoring of professors and academic officers in the Corps, an array of academic support programs and services, and a faculty featuring scholars of the highest intellectual caliber.

In order for The Citadel to continue its charge to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders, the college must secure the funds to support and advance its faculty and academic programs. Towards that end, The Campaign for The Citadel aims to raise:

  • $7,500,000 to endow The Citadel Faculty Excellence Fund, which will permit the development of endowed chairs, professorships, and fellowships to retain those faculty members who demonstrate the greatest influence upon the educational and character development of the Corps of Cadets. With enhanced faculty support, The Citadel will be better equipped to attract the brightest emerging professors and secure those outstanding faculty members who have demonstrated their ability to provide the individualized, small-class approach that is the hallmark of a Citadel education.

  • $22,600,000 to establish Dean’s Excellence Funds in each of the five schools:

    $ 7,600,000 ~ School of Business Administration
    $ 2,000,000 ~ School of Education
    $ 5,500,000 ~ School of Engineering
    $ 5,000,000 ~ School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    $ 2,500,000 ~ School of Science & Mathematics

These endowed excellence funds will provide each dean with the discretionary resources to fund a variety of activities and projects that strengthen the educational experience of cadets and the teaching capability of the faculty. Such resources will enable the dean and students in each school to take advantage of opportunities within the discipline as they arise, from conference presentations to participation in symposia, to research opportunities beyond the campus gates.

Academic excellence funds will, in short, enrich the educational experiences and professional and leadership development opportunities available to the Corps of Cadets through a sustained and active engagement within their academic field of study.

Renowned for its dedicated professors and far-reaching academic programs and support services, The Citadel has been named a “Best Value in the South” (U.S. News and World Report, 2006) as well as“America’s Hottest Military College” and one of the 25 “hottest colleges in America” (Newsweek / Kaplan College Guide, 2006).

The Citadel also leads the nation in its four-year graduation rate, compared against its peer group of public colleges whose entering students have average SAT scores between 1000 and 1200, according to the Education Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to academic achievement.

Furthermore, The Citadel’s four-year graduation rate of 62.3% compares exceptionally well to the overall national average of a mere 29%. Simply stated, despite—or perhaps because of—the numerous additional demands upon their time, cadets at The Citadel are far more likely than their counterparts at other public colleges and universities to earn a degree on time, within four years.

These impressive accolades are the direct and tangible results of the strength and discipline that define The Citadel—the strength of its faculty and academic offerings, and the discipline of its Corps of Cadets and graduate students in putting forth the effort required to achieve their full potential, to “get the job done right.

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