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The Citadel campus is indeed a place that plays an influential role in the transformation of a civilian into a cadet, and of a cadet into a lifelong leader.

From the classrooms, to the library, to the laboratories, The Citadel beckons its students to engage in a diverse range of intellectual pursuits, to push themselves beyond their expectations or comfort zones. Likewise, contests of strength and agility on the athletic fields, the rifle range, and the gridiron at Johnson Hagood Stadium challenge cadets to exert themselves physically, to put mind to muscle, and to excel for the glory of the Corps.

The Campaign for The Citadel aims to provide academic and athletic facilities equipped to meet and exceed the needs of every cadet who enters Lesesne Gate. Specifically, the campaign will raise:

The Daniel Library Leadership Center ($9,500,000)
As the hub of intellectual activity and the central storehouse of knowledge, the library is the heart of the modern university. At The Citadel, where ethics and leadership development form the foundation of every cadet’s education, it is fitting that the college’s new Leadership Center will become the organizing component of the facility renovations and program enhancements planned for Daniel Library as part of the campaign.

The Citadel Leadership Center at Daniel Library will serve as the focal point for campus-wide leadership development and ethical training initiatives. The Center will sponsor programs and activities for cadets, graduate students, faculty, and staff that are designed to foster integrity, enhance ethical decision-making, and encourage a sustained discussion of leadership across campus.

Under the direction of the Krause Chair in Leadership, the Leadership Center’s programs will challenge cadets to study both the theory and practice of leadership in everyday life through an interdisciplinary, strategic, and action-oriented approach. Regardless of their majors or fields of study, cadets will emerge as better problem-solvers, strategists, innovators, and team-builders.

Centralized on campus within a renovated and expanded Daniel Library, the Center will be positioned to work with faculty and students across disciplines in each of The Citadel’s five schools, acting as a catalyst for implementing leadership programs across the curriculum. To establish the Leadership Center and reinvigorate the features and facilities available to students, the Campaign for The Citadel aims to secure $9,500,000 for faculty support, facility improvements, and program enhancements at Daniel Library.

The Revitalization of Johnson Hagood Stadium ($15,000,000)
In recent years, The Citadel has made significant strides in enhancing the academic excellence of its programs and attracting students of the highest intellectual caliber to take their place within the Corps of Cadets. To complete the equation, The Citadel must turn its attention toward the athletic fields as well.

In contrast to most colleges, The Citadel explicitly aims to transform each cadet into a Whole Person—well rounded, firmly grounded, and capable of handling with honor all that life has to offer. Alongside the pillars of academic instruction, military training, and character development, The Citadel’s athletic programs play an essential role in developing the physical skills and leadership abilities of each cadet, providing a sturdy foundation for future growth.

At The Citadel, the football field becomes a classroom in which the lessons of leadership are learned first hand. However, Johnson Hagood Stadium, originally built over half a century ago, has undergone few improvements over the years, at the risk of falling into a state of disrepair.

A revitalized Johnson Hagood Stadium will reflect and reinforce The Citadel’s commitment to and pride in the athletic achievement of the Corps of Cadets. Some of the prime features planned for the modernized facility include:

  • New grandstands with premier seating sections
  • Enhanced press tower and skyboxes
  • Luxury club-level suites with catering capabilities
  • New scoreboard, video screen, and sound system
  • Spacious, attractive entrance plaza with enhanced accessibility

In addition to providing a superior environment for athletic competition, the improved facility will generate revenue through rental income that will sustain and augment the college’s athletic budget and available athletic scholarship funds.

The Citadel’s student athletes, as well as the alumni and fans of the Bulldogs, deserve a stadium worthy of their best efforts. Establishing a first-class facility will enable the college to attract the most promising student athletes to the Corps Squad while instilling pride and underscoring its commitment to competing successfully within the Southern Conference.

Equipment Funds ($2,000,000)
The Campaign for The Citadel will raise $2,000,000 to upgrade equipment and laboratory facilities in the Schools of Engineering and Science & Mathematics.

Cadets and students of all majors require training in the skills and equipment that enable them to access an ever-expanding array of information to be learned in the
classroom, discovered in the laboratory, and communicated through digital databases throughout the world.

These funds will enable the college to keep pace with ongoing technological advances, ensuring that The Citadel will retain a competitive edge in attracting the brightest students and most accomplished professors in these disciplines in the future.

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