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The Citadel stands proudly on the brink of a bold and promising future. Drawing on the strength of its time-honored traditions, the college and the Long Gray Line stand ready to advance in a resolute march to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders.

The Citadel has embarked upon an ambitious course to establish and secure its reputation as the preeminent college of principled leadership in the nation. The Campaign for The Citadel, a comprehensive drive to raise $100 million for the ongoing benefit of the college's Corps of Cadets and graduate students, presents a daunting challenge to the college's alumni and friends-a challenge The Citadel community is uniquely prepared to accept with honor, fortitude, and triumphant success.

Building upon The Citadel's foundation of core values and proud tradition, The Campaign for The Citadel will endow the college with the educational and technological resources required of a premier educational institution. Ultimately, the campaign's success better enables The Citadel to equip its students to serve as principled leaders prepared to engage in an evolving and competitive world.

This effort will place The Citadel securely at the head of the ranks of the nation's colleges committed to principled leadership and character development. The campaign focuses on four fundamental areas that are vital for ensuring the successful education of students and the continued success of the college:

  • Scholarship - Endowed scholarship funds enable The Citadel to attract and retain the students who best represent the college's commitment to academic excellence, physical discipline, dedicated military service, and upright moral character. The ability to recruit and retain the "best and brightest" of the pool of young students will dramatically improve the character and composition of the Corps of Cadets as a whole.
  • Academic Excellence - Enhancing the excellence of the college's faculty and academic programs will best enable all students to fulfill their potential. Campaign funding will underwrite The Citadel's assurance of small class sizes, quality academic support programs and services, and a dedicated faculty consisting of distinguished scholars who serve as mentors to the Corps of Cadets and intellectual leaders in the classroom. Strengthened faculty and academic programs likewise offer significant advantages to students in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.
  • Facilities - To reach their full potential, students require access to state-of-the-art facilities and the finest educational resources, both in the academic arena and on the playing field. The campaign will raise funds to establish the Leadership Center at Daniel Library as a hub of ethical training and character development, revitalize and transform the aging Johnson Hagood Stadium into a first-class athletic facility, and upgrade equipment and laboratory space to keep pace with technological advances in the disciplines of engineering, science, and mathematics.
  • Unrestricted Support - Annual operating contributions to The Citadel Fund and The Citadel Brigadier Foundation, as well as undesignated planned gifts, will provide The Citadel with the resources to sustain and enhance the quality of education during the campaign, the flexibility to react to unanticipated opportunities, the ability to recruit student athletes through Brigadier Scholarships, and the opportunity to secure pledges of future support through the estate plans of current donors.

As a state-assisted public college, The Citadel has benefited tremendously from the generous support of the State of South Carolina since its inception in 1842. However, in an era of declining state appropriations across the board, the college simply cannot rely on the level of public support to which it is accustomed.

The time has come for The Citadel to take responsibility for and control of its financial future. The bold vision set forth for the college as it enters the 21st Century far exceeds the level that public support could provide. This vision, in fact, demands that The Citadel family take a leadership role in securing the future of the college as it endeavors to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders.

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