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Stories of Philanthropy

Roscoe Ashley "Trip" Page, III, '00

Christi and Trip PageThe Trip Page Education Initiative
By Christin S. Page

Those who had the opportunity to know Trip could never forget him. He had the gift of making any situation more fun with his infectious laugh and gorgeous smile. He could tell a story like no other, and he just lit up any room he entered.

I was so proud of Trip.  He was self-made; he was a man of integrity, love, generosity, and true loyalty—putting himself through The Citadel, becoming a professional engineer, and working toward his Master's of Business Administration degree. He could squeeze three days' worth of experiences, from surfing to golf, into a single day, and I was always so impressed by his ability always to see the positive in life.

Trip did so much with his life and impacted so many people in such a short time. Trip was my favorite person on this earth. He was my best friend and my husband, and our love will never end. I am forever grateful for the honor of being Trip's wife.

I believe that with any intense life experience—however wonderful or shattering—God presents many personal responsibilities in the love that surrounds us. My responsibilities, in addition to learning to love life again and being happy, include giving others opportunity—giving the opportunity to know about Trip, to be inspired by him in some way.Trip Page, Citadel Class of 2000

Toward that end, I have created the Trip Page Education Initiative, committed to growing responsible, aware, and giving individuals with the love, joy, and integrity Trip inspires. Presently this initiative is working to increase Trip's endowed scholarship at The Citadel; to improve the Charleston County School System; to improve the home lives of the boys at Eagle Harbor Ranch, a home for abused and neglected boys; and to increase safe driving awareness, especially seat belt use.

These responsibilities are not a coping mechanism, nor do they give reason or purpose to this tragedy that took Trip away from us. For me, they are matters of survival—and they give me just a little bit of hope. 

Thank you very much for your continued support and love,
Christi S. Page



WHEN: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2009, 12-9pm

BANDS: Blues Traveler, Sol Driven Train, Blue Dogs, Dangermuffin, Gas Light Street, Number One Contender, Jeff Sipe Trio, Ryan Edgar Band, and more!!

PURCHASE TICKETS: and (ticket prices to come)

FAMILY-FRIENDLY with a kids’ area sponsored by CREATIVE SPARK (

RECEIVE A FREE FESTIVAL T’SHIRT when you bring a new school or art supply or a new or slightly-used book! (list of qualified supplies to come)

BACKGROUND: Founded by Christi S. Page, ShineFest is Charleston’s premier non-profit music festival donating 100% of its proceeds to the Charleston County School District and The Trip Page Endowment Scholarship at the Citadel.

Inspired by her late husband, Christi began The Trip Page Education Initiative committed to growing RESPONSIBLE, AWARE, and GIVING individuals with the love, integrity, and joy Trip inspires. At the time of his tragic death, Trip was in the process of receiving his master’s of business administration degree from The Citadel’s Graduate College. ShineFest and The Trip Page Classic Golf Tournament are the two main events generating funds to the education initiative.

ShineFest 2009 will feature a book and school and art supply drive, with donations going to the Charleston Book Buddies program, Creative Spark, and The Charleston County School District; individuals donating books and supplies will be given a festival t-shirt from us for free.

  • 50% of festival profits will be earmarked for The Citadel Foundation's R. A. "Trip" Page, III Scholarship.
  • 40% of festival profits will be given to the Charleston County School District for use in the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program, an incredible and much needed program within the school district that is not being funded adequately. The core foundations of this program align very well with the Trip Page Education Initiative's mission. (
  • 10% will be earmarked for Charleston Book Buddies, a literacy program for underprivelaged schools within the Charleston County School District.

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