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Life Income Gifts
For many Citadel family and friends, the desire to make a significant gift to the college is balanced by a need for continuing income from those assets. Fortunately, The Citadel Foundation's life income gift program makes it possible for a donor to achieve both objectives and receive substantial tax benefits as well.

Life income gifts to The Citadel Foundation may take the form of a gift to a charitable remainder trust or a gift to establish a charitable gift annuity. Often gifts in one of these forms will actually increase a donor's or beneficiary's income. Additionally, these life-income gifts may provide some or all of the following rewards:
A current charitable income tax deduction
Reduction or elimination of capital gain taxes on appreciated property used to make your gift.
A reduction in estate and inheritance taxes
Professional investment management
Tax-favored income
The satisfaction of having made a significant gift to The Citadel

While cash may be used to fund a life income gift to TCF, gifts of appreciated property or securities provide additional tax benefits.

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