About LWP

The Lowcountry Writing Project (LWP), one over 200 local sites of the National Writing Project, offers quality professional development to help teachers in all disciplines and at all grade levels use writing more effectively in their classrooms. We value the knowledge and experience of classroom teachers, and we recognize that no single approach works for all teachers, all students, or all situations, so we rely on successful practicing teachers - rather than outside experts - to facilitate our classes, study groups, workshops, and other activities.

Our core program is the Invitational Summer Institute, an intensive four-week experience in which teachers who are already successful in their own classrooms extend their knowledge of the theory and practice of reading and writing and develop skills to share this knowledge with their peers as LWP Teacher Consultants. Teachers must submit a written application and a letter of reference and pass an interview to receive an invitation to participate in this program.

We also offer a variety of other programs, including classes for teachers who might want to improve their own writing skills to help them become more confident and more skilled at using writing as a teaching tool, informal study groups for teachers who want to discuss new books about writing-related topics, and writers circles at which teachers discuss their writing with interested peers.