Our Philosophy

The goal of the Lowcountry Writing Project is to improve learning in Lowcountry schools by improving the ways teachers teach writing and use writing as a tool for learning. The Lowcountry Writing Project (LWP) recognizes the primary importance of teacher knowledge, expertise, and leadership for effective professional development. Programs and activities sponsored by the LWP are based on the following assumptions:

  • Writing is vital in all classes: all grade levels and all disciplines.
  • Student writing can be improved by improving the teaching of writing.
  • Programs designed to improve the teaching of writing should involve teachers at all grade levels and from all disciplines.
  • Teachers who expect their students to be readers and writers should themselves be readers and writers.
  • Real change in classroom practice happens not all at once, but over time.
  • Change can best be accomplished by those who work in the schools.
  • Teachers are the best teachers of teachers; successful practicing teachers have credibility with their colleagues.
  • What is known about writing comes both from published research and from the reflective practice of those who teach writing.
  • Effective professional development programs are on-going and systematic, bringing teachers together throughout their careers to examine successful practices and new developments.