Workshops for on-site delivery

Workshops to OrderThe Lowcountry Writing Project draws on the broad knowledge, experience and expertise of our Teacher Consultants in order to offer professional development workshops on a wide variety of topics. Below is a list of possible workshops that the LWP can bring to your school. These sessions were initially offered in a 75-minute, interactive format. They can be adapted to one- or two-hour sessions. All sessions are adaptable to any grade level, but they are particularly appropriate for the levels noted in parentheses. Contact LWP Director, Tom Thompson, 843-953-1418, to bring one of these workshops to your school, or to discuss how we can tailor a professional development experience to meet your faculty's specific needs.

  • "Getting Started with Writing Workshop" (ES, MS, HS)
    "Using Writing Workshop with Beginning Writers" (ES)
    "Developing Minilessons for Beginning Writers."(ES)
    “4 Square 4 the Writing Classroom: An Adaptable Organizer” (ES)
    “Art as Literature: Integrating Visual and Auditory Literacy into the ELA Classroom” (MS, HS)
    “Assessing Student Performance in Literature Circles” (ES, MS)
    “Blogging in the Classroom” (HS)
    “Bringing Mimesis Back into the Classroom” (MS, HS)
    “But I Can’t Act! (Using Drama to Simulate Writing” (ES, MS, HS)
    “Composing Letters to Create Community” (MS, HS)
    “Creating Confidence with Prewriting Strategies” (MS, HS)
    “Creating Lyrics: Responding to Primary Sources through Song” (ES, MS)
    “Do No Harm: Ways NOT to Kill the Joy of Reading” (MS, HS)
    “Emmett Till Sonnets: Using Sonnets to Teach Content” (MS, HS)
    “Exploring Critical Thinking through Poetry” (ES, MS)
    “Extending the Scaffold: Making Books to Help Struggling Writers” (ES, MS)
    “Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Using 21st Century Literacy in the Classroom” (MS, HS)
    “Growing Revision: A Model for Teaching Revision” (ES, MS)
    “Incorporating Technology into Writing Instruction” (ES, MS)
    “New Media Literacy: Reading Images through Writing” (MS, HS)
    “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Understanding Personality Preferences in the Classroom” (MS, HS)
    “Priming Writers to Use Primary Sources” (ES, MS, HS)
    “The Poetry Portfolio” (ES, MS)
    “Using Poetry to Teach Content” (MS, HS)
    “Using Rubrics Responsibly” (MS, HS)

  • “Using Visual Art to Teach Writing” (ES, MS)